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Water Ionizer Buyer's Guide

So you’ve got a shortlist of water ionizers that you like the look of, or you’ve already picked out the perfect machine for you and your family. So how do you make sure that you get the very best deal?

Buying a Water Ionizer: Check the Spec

First of all, make sure that you’re planning on buying a water ionizer that really does check all of the boxes. That means large, powerful water ionizer plates, and enough of them (at least nine) to produce a decent amount of molecular hydrogen. In short, if your water ionizer isn’t powerful enough, you could be missing out on the health benefits that a machine with more plate power can offer.

Also, make sure that the water ionizer you want to buy has the kind of specific filtration capabilities to eliminate any lurking toxins in your source water.

In a nutshell, that bargain isn’t a bargain unless you’re getting an awesome water ionizer, for a great price.

The Not-So-Small Print

Great! You got $$$ slashed from the price tag of the water ionizer that you’ve been coveting. But wait. It’s only got a three-year warranty? That’s not so good, when other water ionizer companies are offering Lifetime Guarantees. In other words, look at all aspects of the purchase before you decide what is a genuine bargain.

Free Gifts?

Some of the bigger companies offer free gifts that are worthwhile – on top of existing water ionizer deals. We’re not talking a free car sticker here: some of the free gift packages offered by the big-name companies are pretty fabulous!

Inside Dealer Knowledge?

When you’ve found a water ionizer company that you trust, talk to one of their salespeople to ask about ‘hidden’ offers that don’t appear on the main website. Good companies work with good dealers, who often have the latitude to offer additional ‘sweeteners’ in addition to advertised deals.

Websites That Save You $$$

There’s almost too much information out there sometimes. When you find a couple of reliable sources of in-depth reviews and well-informed advice, stick with them. Both and are constantly updated, brilliantly knowledgeable hubs of water ionizer information: check both for the best current deals on water ionizers.

Bagged a Bargain?

Are you ahead of the curve, and already enjoying the delicious taste of ionized hydrogen water from your very own water ionizer? Got any of your own deal-tracking tips not mentioned here? Share them and help others to make big savings!

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