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Molecular Hydrogen In Your Water? YES, PLEASE!

Extreme hydration, long-lasting energy, and anti-aging properties, all from a machine that sits comfortably by your sink… what more could you want for your health?

If you’re just about to buy your first water ionizer, we’re sure that the prospect of bringing home your own machine is exciting. However, you might be wondering what ionizer-specific feature you should be looking out for when choosing that ideal unit that’ll satisfy your health and hydration needs for the rest of your life.

Here’s a secret: not all water ionizers create molecular hydrogen. Only quality ionizers do. Most models either produce only a very low amount or none at all. That should be enough to convince yourself to buy yourself a premium ionizer.

Why does molecular hydrogen matter so much? We’ll tell you below!

Trust us, once you receive your molecular hydrogen-producing ionizer, you’ll never look for anything else.

What’s molecular hydrogen anyway?

Molecular hydrogen, known as H2, is an extremely tiny molecule that’s been found to function excellently as an antioxidant.

It’s the only antioxidant on earth that can quickly cross your body’s blood-brain barrier to penetrate your cells. When you drink alkaline water that’s rich in hydrogen, it’s guaranteed that the health benefits that you experience will be doubled or even tripled.

Molecular hydrogen is the star of any high-quality alkaline water and is a key ingredient of the ionizer that you’re going to purchase for yourself.

How long does molecular hydrogen last?

Not very long, actually!

Molecular hydrogen in ionized alkaline water lasts for shy of an entire workday (so around 8 hours), but it might still linger in your water for up to a day afterward. Once it’s out of the ionizer, the antioxidant is better preserved when you keep your container tightly sealed.

This very short lifespan is the major reason that bottled alkaline water claiming to be full of molecular hydrogen isn’t effective at all.

Do all kinds of alkaline water have molecular hydrogen?

Nope! As we mentioned earlier, only quality water ionizers are capable of producing this antioxidant in their water. The production of molecular hydrogen requires electrolysis, which is something that non-electric ionizers or alkaline water producers can’t do.

Again, bottled water brands claiming that their water contains molecular hydrogen are pretty much lying.

What are its benefits?

When we tell you that molecular hydrogen is like magic, we mean it.

This amazing molecule neutralizes free radicals and prevents them from destroying your body through a harmful process called oxidative stress. These free radicals are the main culprit behind illnesses and aging.

Molecular hydrogen is also responsible for the ultra-hydrating and energizing properties of alkaline water. Since it’s easily absorbed by your cells, the therapeutic effects are quickly felt by your body.

That’s an energy boost no artificial drink can match.

Molecular hydrogen will make you feel years younger.

Some other amazing benefits of molecular hydrogen include:

● Maintaining your oral health

● Keeping your skin radiant

● Balancing your body’s pH

● Improving your gut health

Need more proof? That’s easy! There are loads and loads of studies that support the positive impact of molecular hydrogen.

Now that you know what molecular hydrogen is and why it’s the main attraction of alkaline water, it’s time to get your own water ionizer.

Can’t wait to get your hands on an ionizer? We can’t either! Shoot us an email at or check us out on Facebook so that we can help you attain your dream machine ASAP.

What kinds of positive effects are you looking forward to experiencing with hydrogen-rich water? Share them with us in the comments below!

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