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5 Household Uses of Water Ionizers

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

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You may be wondering if you should you invest in a water ionizer – since the health benefits of alkaline water have become the newest trend in the world of health and wellness. Drinking alkaline water that’s created from water ionizers promotes wellness, boosts immunity, and helps to maintain healthy, strong bones in the body.

Alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen (H2) is even better for one’s diet than regular tap water because hydrogen water is known to help promote weight loss by controlling fat and body weight.

According to Sang Wang, author of “Reverse Aging,” acidic waste buildup is the culprit behind many of our health concerns.

Similarly, Dr. Theodore A. Baroody stated in his book Alkalize or Die that you can remove this acidic waste buildup by drinking alkaline water.

Let’s discuss the “good things” (benefits) that you can expect to receive from drinking alkaline water:

Alkaline Water Benefits

Below is a list of advantages that hydrogen-rich alkaline water provides:

  • Benefit of Alkaline Water #1: Neutralizes the acidity inside your body

  • Benefit of Alkaline Water #2: More hydrating than regular drinking water

  • Benefit of Alkaline Water #3: Contains a greater amount of essential minerals – such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and potassium

  • Benefit of Alkaline Water #4: Boosts your immune system

  • Benefit of Alkaline Water #5: Chock full of antioxidants

Now that you are aware of the health benefits that you can receive from drinking hydrogen water, you may be wondering what some household uses of water ionizers are:

5 Household Uses of Water Ionizers

water ionizer
Would a Water Ionizer look good in here or what!?

To gain access to the health benefits of alkaline water, we recommend that you set up a water ionizer in your home.

Water ionizers are great investments that will give you more bang for your buck as you look for the perfect solution to a safer, cleaner, and happier home.

Here are 5 helpful household uses of water ionizers:

Water Ionizer Benefit #1: Disinfecting

You can disinfect something by either “removing” or “killing” the germs or bacteria.

Water ionizers can produce a strong pH level – so use your machine to kill bacteria and germs by putting alkaline water in a spray bottle, spraying on the desired area, and then wiping the area with a clean, dry cloth.

Water Ionizer Benefit #2: Laundry

Alkaline water that’s produced from a water ionizer can eliminate stains and grease buildups from clothes, carpets, and floors.

Alkaline water even works hard to attack stubborn stains from oil, coffee, and red wine, and is safer to use and better-smelling than bleach.

Water Ionizer Benefit #3: Soaking

Every now and then, you must soak your pots, pans, and other kitchen appliances overnight to deep clean them properly.

Use alkaline water from your water ionizer during the deep cleaning process, and you can be rest assured that the stains and burns on your pots and pans will fade away!

Water Ionizer Benefit #4: Spray Refresher

One night, you decide to have some guests over your house and while in the process of cleaning up, you realize that your house doesn’t smell very good!

Who’s the culprit?

Your carpets, bedding, and rugs have turned musty and smelly over time, and you may find yourself wanting to use Febreze to make everything smell better.

The bad news is that a bottle of Febreze contains chemicals that are toxic to humans.

The good news is that there is a more natural way to refresh your home: alkaline water from a water ionizer.

For best results - add a couple drops of any essential oil to your alkaline water and put the water into a spray bottle.

Your home will smell fresh in no time.

Water Ionizer Benefit #5: Dishwashing

When washing your dishes in the sink, we recommend using alkaline water from a water ionizer because this water is effective at removing tough grease and grime from pots, pans, and silverware.

alkaline water
Wash your dishes with alkaline water for best results! Photo Credit.

How to Shop Around for a Water Ionizer

Now that you’ve seen the advantages to owning a water ionizer, you may be itching to go shopping for your very own water ionizer to call your own!

But which water ionizer is right for you? We’ll help break the process down a little bit for you.

There are plenty of water ionizers available in the market, and the options are wide and diverse.

With many water ionizer brands claiming that their machine is the best, it may be difficult and overwhelming to decide on the right unit for your home.

To make the search easier on you – check out this FREE Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet that compares the top 5 water ionizer brands in the industry and gives you tips that could save you thousands of dollars - putting your hard-earned money back into your pocket.

Here’s to better, lasting health!

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