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Bad Water! 7 Signs You Should NEVER Ignore

Water is essential to life. Sure, we can go on without food for a while, but without a sip of water, we’re bound to dry up and shrivel like prunes.

However, even if we recognize the importance of water, it doesn’t always translate to drinking the best kind of water we can get for ourselves. Our tap water may be generally safe to drink, but that doesn’t mean that millions of Americans are protected from drinking contaminants and the negative health effects they bring.

Think about this: in relationships, we always strive for quality and even perfection. So, why should we settle for less when it comes to our health?

Before you take another sip from your glass of tap water, take note of these 7 telltale signs that what you’re drinking isn’t exactly good for your body.

There’s no point in washing your hands at home if your water’s like this!

1) Your water tastes like metals or chemicals.

In its purest form, water should taste like nothing. The presence of any unnatural flavor that doesn’t come from something you consciously add to your water, like fruits and vegetables, should make you worry.

A metallic taste could indicate:

● Excessive amounts of iron, magnesium, or copper, or

● Even the presence of pesticides and pharmaceuticals

Whatever artificial cocktail it is, it’s definitely not good for your health.

2) Your water smells fishy or rotten.

For those who’ve made juice, tea, or coffee a staple in their daily routines, the sweet aroma of these beverages is a huge factor in their appeal. However, when you’re drinking just pure water from your tap, there should be no scent at all.

If your water smells different, it could be caused by strong-scented chemicals and contaminants like chlorine, sulfur, or even gasoline, none of which should be ingested.

3) Your water looks cloudy or colored.

Unless you mixed medicine or a powdered beverage with your water, good potable water should be as clear as a blue sky on a sunny day.

If there’s any unnatural fogginess or color in your glass, be alarmed. It could mean that you have toxic chemicals from your source of water. Alternatively, if your water is brown or red, maybe the buildup of rust and iron in your pipes finally reached your sink.

The only acceptable kind of cloudiness is the kind that sometimes happens when you fill up a glass with water that contains a lot of hydrogen. The water may look cloudy at first. However, if you look really close, you can see tiny bubbles that give you nothing but healthy goodness.

4) Your sink and pipes get stained by your tap water.

Speaking of pipes, they should be as spotless as possible. Their color and material should never transfer to your water.

Again, this could be caused by iron or other minerals. While iron isn’t necessarily harmful to your health, it is inconvenient and gross to look at, especially when it sticks to your sink, tub, or even clothes.

Reddish-brown stains could also be caused by sediment that could have gotten into your water tank, especially if your source water was filtered through rocks.

That’s what clean water should look like.

5) Your skin feels greasy after washing with your water.

Rinsing is supposed to smoothly remove bacteria from your body, not add to it.

This was a phenomenon that Flint residents experienced during their water crisis. You wouldn’t want to go through that yourself.

Beneficial minerals including calcium and magnesium can affect your water in this way, but don’t write off toxic chemicals just yet. Dangerous chemicals like aluminium and manganese could be the culprits.

6) Your municipality has frequent problems with its water supply.

Beyond your home, the first place you should look at when it comes to the state of your water is your supplier. They’re the ones in charge of gathering and treating the water that eventually reaches your home.

Remember that your source may also get polluted due to rainfall carrying pesticides and other waste into your water.

Whatever the situation, it’s better to nip the possible cause of contamination in the bud before the issue starts or worsens.

7) Your health is negatively affected after drinking your tap water.

Sometimes, even with all the visible warning signs, we still refuse to recognize that there’s a problem. That is unless we actually feel it in our bodies.

Ideally, you shouldn’t let it reach this point since prevention is better than cure. However, if you start to feel different or sickly after a long time of drinking your tap water, put down the glass right away.

Contaminated water can lead to a huge list of health problems. For example, drinking an accumulated amount of lead will harm your body and cause conditions like:

● Cardiovascular disease and reproductive issues in adults,

● Premature birth in pregnant women, and

● Behavioral problems in children

If you’re experiencing any or all of the alarming signs above, don’t compromise your health any further, and have your water tested ASAP. Contact your municipal water supplier or have a professional do the job for you.

Looking for the best way to bring clean, delicious, crystal clear water to your home? Just get a water ionizer.

You deserve the best water that you can get, and we’re here to help you taste it by finding you the perfect ionizer for your home! Reach out to us at or check us out on Facebook. Begin your search for the ideal water ionizer with us.

How else have you monitored the quality of your water? Share it with us in the comments!

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