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4 Tips to Get the Best Alkaline Water

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

So, we’re sold on drinking alkaline water, but how do we get the best stuff? Here are the four ways to make sure that you’re getting real, therapeutic alkaline water, and not wasting your money.

1. Use a Water Ionizer

If you want the real deal and not a pale imitation, then get yourself a water ionizer at home. These neat, compact, but incredibly sophisticated machines are quickly plumbed into your source water supply and transform your regular tap water into delicious, filtered, alkaline water. It’s like magic, but actually all down to solid science and engineering.

2. Drink Fresh, Not Bottled

There is bottled alkaline water available to buy. We’re not even going to mention the wallet-melting cost of buying a bottle of this stuff or the fact that we need to stop using plastic bottles now. Oh, we mentioned it. Okay, but the other good reason is that there is really not much point. Freshly ionized water is brimming with free-radical-fighting, antioxidant-rich alkalinity. But the benefits diminish upon storage. By the time you drink that expensive alkaline water from a bottle, the antioxidant levels have shrunk to almost imperceptible levels. Plus, we haven’t found a bottled water brand that contains a lick of molecular hydrogen, which is the real hero in alkaline water.

3. Make Sure it Has Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen is the stuff of life itself. The smallest and lightest element in the universe, it’s linked with countless medical studies into its potential therapeutic effect on virtually every aspect of our health. Google ‘molecular hydrogen’ and ‘clinical studies’ and prepare to get reading about why so many members of the medical establishment are excited about it. Molecular hydrogen in ionized water has an almost immediate and noticeable effect on energy levels – its tiny size means that it can swiftly cross the blood/brain barrier and start to work within your body at a cellular level.

Drinking alkaline water with dissolved molecular hydrogen in it tastes pretty great as well, and will have you wondering why it took you so long.

4. Make Sure the Water Ionizer is Made in Japan or South Korea

There is a good reason for this. Water ionizer machines that are imported from China or Taiwan have been posing a problem for years. They’re cheaper, granted, but at what cost? The majority of machines are not inspected on import into the US and have been found to have dangerously loose connections, inferior components, and most worryingly – have been found to contain lead.

Many people buy a water ionizer to filter out contaminants. To buy a water ionizer to do that very job, only to find that it contains lead itself, would be a truly unpleasant irony.

By contrast, water ionizers have been built in Japan and South Korea for decades (they have long been awarded the status of a medical device in those countries) and tend to be robust, reliable and safe.

There is a handful of leading water ionizer companies that supply excellent machines, with laudable credentials. Be sure to do lots of research, and check out some of our ionizer lists where we rank our favorite water ionizers. With a major purchase, that’s worth its weight in gold. Have you been drinking alkaline water? Does it contain molecular hydrogen too? Let us know in the comments.


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