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20 Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

With so many celebrity fans of the Alkaline Diet, we’re always hearing about how amazing alkaline water is, and how we should all be drinking it in order to maximize our health. But why? What exactly does alkaline water do for us and what are the main benefits of switching to it?

1. One of the main benefits that fans point out, is how thirst-quenching it is. Alkaline water’s unique structure makes it more hydrating than regular water, AND it hydrates you for longer.

2. Even better, being properly hydrated means that your cartilage and joint health are given a so-good-you-can-feel-it boost.

3. Alkaline water is often used therapeutically in clinical trials and has been noted to play a role in supporting hundreds of different positive health outcomes.

4. Alkaline water has a slew of bio-available minerals in it to help support good bone health.

5. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is filtered for safety and peace of mind – but choose wisely, as some water ionizers do this job much better than others.

6. Because alkaline water hydrates you so well, you feel more energetic: hydration and energy are closely linked.

7. Alkaline water is amazing for helping to balance pH levels.

8. …and if your body is perfectly balanced with optimized pH levels, you’ll find losing any excess weight much easier!

9. Want to strengthen your immune system? Drinking alkaline water can help.

10. Kidney health is all-important. Drinking eight glasses of alkaline water every day is a big step to supporting kidney function.

11. Drinking alkaline water is great for promoting a robust and healthy Gastrointestinal Tract.

12. When alkaline water is ionized, it makes the essential minerals it contains more bio-available.

13. Staying hydrated with the right amount of alkaline water every day means a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

14. Suffering from a feeling of mental fog? Clear the cobwebs away and feel intellectually alert again by drinking plenty of water – and make it alkaline water for an awesome taste as well!

15. Alkaline water contains natural antioxidants to help fight and neutralize pesky and damaging free radicals!

16. …which in turn helps our skin to look fresher, more ‘plumped up’ and younger!

17. Promote Urinary Tract Health by drinking plenty of alkaline water.

18. Sugary foods are acidic ones: using alkaline water as a mouthwash can help to neutralize the acid that is produced when we eat sugar.

19. Want your kids to drink more water? Give them alkaline water to drink and they will! Unlike most tap water, it tastes great and you won’t need to nag them into drinking enough of it.

20. Drinking alkaline water may promote some improvement in symptoms of heartburn or reflux in adults.

That’s a pretty impressive roll call, right? And there are dozens more alkaline water benefits where those came from!

Once you’ve made the decision to drink alkaline water, you need to think about installing a water ionizer at home so that you can drink your favorite water at the push of a button.

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