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5 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally

Most of us could use some extra energy, right?

Some people resort to those little bottles or cans of so-called 'energy drinks' but in all honesty, they’re best avoided. They’re usually packed with sugar, giving you a rapid (and artificial) ‘high’ that’s followed by a crashing low. Even if you can turn a blind eye to the sugar content, how about the chemicals?

Some energy sodas are known to contain chemical and synthetic elements that have been associated with possible health issues, or have not been subjected to any substantive, long term testing as to their potential effects on health.

Is opting for the sugar-free version better then? Not really. Artificial sweeteners are pretty problematic from a health point of view. The jury is still officially out, but over the years, artificial sweeteners have been linked to health issues from bladder cancer to weight gain.

Life’s too short to fill our bodies with stuff that isn’t good for us. There are natural alternatives to increasing energy levels that augment our health, rather than putting it at risk. And guess what? We’ve rounded up five of the best ways to do exactly that!

1. Don’t Skip Sleep

When life is busy and you can’t carve out five minutes for yourself, it’s easy to get into the habit of sacrificing sleep in favor of other things. In fact, sleep is key to getting more done, and feeling energized and on top of your daily brief. Prioritize a healthy sleep routine and reap the energy benefits!

2. Eat Your Greens (and Reds, Oranges, Yellows…)

There’s no way to dress this one up: if you eat junk food on a regular basis, you’ll feel bloated, tired and lacking in energy. Eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables every day is a basic requirement for good health. If you struggle to fit cooking from scratch into your daily routine, then at least make time for a green smoothie in the morning. A serving of nutrient-rich goodness to help you face the day is energizing and good for you!

3. Move Around More

If you already manage to fit regular exercise into your day, then awesome. If you haven’t quite figured out how to squeeze in that HIIT class you’ve been promising yourself, then at least make a mindful effort to be more active during your day. Walk, run or cycle to work or college. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make tiny changes, where you can, to take the active option, instead of the inactive one. The result? Expend energy, and get more of it back!

4. Hydrate For Health and Energy

A glass of cool, pure, refreshing water is always energizing. But drinking water these days means making a few important choices. Tap water is hardly ever out of the news, with breaking stories of contamination and toxins being found in tap water across the country.

Bottled water? The cost to the planet is too great. We all need to say a loud and clear “No” to disposable plastics wherever possible. The answer for millions of people is to install a water ionizer at home. A top-of-the range water ionizer filters your water, and splits it into alkaline and acidic water streams, a process that also infuses it with natural molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen is incredibly energizing – many sports stars rely on it – and ionized alkaline water keeps you hydrated for longer.

Most people who start drinking hydrogen water instantly notice the difference in their energy levels, and don’t look back.

5. Get a Goal!

Setting goals is excellent for motivating and energizing. Whether it’s small goals throughout the day (doing 20 minutes yoga, prepping a healthy meal, replying to the stack of emails that have somehow built up), or bigger, more profound life goals; the effect is similar. Aiming for an objective keeps you energized and focused, so give it a go. Start big or small, or both!

Start Today!

What’s not to love? Five fast ways to fix up your energy levels that you can start straight away for more energy – naturally! Aren’t you just itching to get started? Let us know what changes you make to increase your energy levels!

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